streetwear essentials you need in 2022.

streetwear essentials you need in 2022.

Streetwear fashion is always changing. Many people tend to think that it's hard to follow the trends or make sense out of the hype. But fact is, anyone can start wearing the latest streetwear items by asking the right questions. You just need to know what to look for and how to interpret the answers. After all, streetwear isn't rocket science. It's just good old fashion. And when you're looking for fashion tips, we're here to help. Today I'm gonna list 10 essential clothing pieces you need in 2022. Are you ready? Lets start.

 1, ACG Polartec Wolf Tree Pullover Hoodie (129-)

I know you have probably seen the ACG ninja fleece on tiktok, but why would you pay 400,- for it when you can buy this piece of art for only 129,-?.. I would even say this one is more original.

2, Taki cross pants (69,-)

One of the most iconic pieces in the taki lineup, the v5 pants represent a combination of comfort and streetwear style. These limited edition pants were designed by taki, and are cut from quality stretch fabric to allow maximum mobility. They feature a few crosses and two iconic taki logo's, the side pockets allow for quick access to smaller necessities. This item is an exclusive product from taki, so get them before they're gone! If you click the link below you'll even get 40% off!


3, d3mon tee (30,-) is a upcoming streetwear brand created by Naud Verboeket based in the Netherlands. gives you a complete new look with their unique designs and innovative fashion. With their latest collection they want to show the world that they're here to stay!

4, Supreme x true religion zip up (500,-)

Let's be honest, Supreme fell off. But this zip up is so hard i had to include it.

5, crtz 4stars alcatraz hoodie (200,-)

Corteiz is one of the top brands of 2022, this is one of the hardest hoodies made by them and i think it's a essential for in your wardrobe.

Thank you for taking the time looking at my 2022 fashion essentials. i hope you found an item you want to add to your wardrobe too!

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